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Reliable protection every day with Multi Purpose Weatherproof Heavy Duty Enclosures

Reliable protection every day with Multi Purpose Weatherproof Heavy Duty Enclosures

SatelliteSale, one of the leading suppliers of electrical devices and equipment, presents an outstanding product on the market - UV-Rated Thermoplastic Alloy Enclosures.

Due to the high grade of protection, the enclosures are suitable for outdoor use, as well as in rooms with high humidity and dust content: in garages, car washes, basements, laboratories, and workshops. The housing of Multi Purpose Weatherproof Heavy Duty enclosures are made of impact-resistant UV-Rated Thermoplastic Alloy, which reliably protects equipment from mechanical impacts. A high degree of protection against dust and moisture ensures the safe operation of the equipment installed in the housings.

An excellent design solution makes them both durable and easy to install. In addition, our plastic enclosures are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures, allowing them to be used outdoors in moderate and cold climates.

Without moisture and dust.

The main feature of SatelliteSale plastic enclosures is a high degree of protection, which is created with the help of a special weather seal along the perimeter. This provides the most outstanding possible protection against dust, as well as protection against water all around.

The highest impact protection

One of the advantages of our plastic enclosures is the highest degree of protection against mechanical impacts, which is achieved due to the impact-resistant material of manufacture (UV-rated thermoplastic alloy), as well as solid stiffening ribs embedded in the construction of the enclosures. As a result, the cabinets can withstand the equivalent impact of a 5 kg weight falling from 20 inches without damage.

Our thermoplastic has even more advantages. Due to its dielectric properties, the Heavy Duty Enclosure does not conduct electricity and does not require grounding, which not only helps protect equipment in critical areas but also ensures your safety and reduces the cost of equipment operation.

In addition, UV-rated plastic is resistant to UV- radiation. Furthermore, enclosures made from it can be installed outdoors. And finally, unlike metal boxes, plastic enclosures do not rust and therefore do not need to be painted, which also affects the cost of their operation.

Transmit your information wirelessly!

In modern production, our enclosures are often used in automatic electricity metering systems, which transmit data on electricity consumption to the server. This system is helpful in facilities where electricity consumption points are scattered in different places and combined into one network. Notable examples of such areas are garages, workshops, and water heating rooms. In addition to the residential uses, it is impossible to imagine industrial and transport enterprises, seaports and railways, terminals, and airports without similar systems.

Therefore, when organizing an AMR system, it is crucial to choose the right equipment and the enclosure in which it will be installed. For example, metal cabinets prevent the transmission of radio and GSM signals, while plastic cases do not shield the equipment signal and allow information to be sent to the server.

SatelliteSale Multi Purpose Weatherproof Heavy Duty Enclosure ensures the safety and stable function of the equipment even with high amounts of dust and moisture.

Enclosure Installation Examples

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