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  • $4.95

    10 Pcs DirecTV 3GHz DTVF81O 05 RG6 Barrel Connector with Weather Seal STAC CATV


    This cable extension adapter connects two coaxial video cables for TV's, DVD's, DVR's, VCR players and more (including compatible modems, antennas ...

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  • $125.99

    1000 FT Commscope F677TSVV TRI-SHIELD RG6 Coaxial 18AWG 75 OHM Black


    Made in USA Commscope RG6 coaxial cable 18AWG copper clad flame retardant pvc Jacket: Flame Retardant PVC Center Conductor: 18 AWG Copper Clad 1st...

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  • $19.70

    DirecTV F81 Barrel Indoor 3GHZ HF w Nut / Washer Bag of 50


    The bag of 50 pieces. The internal components of this fitting are much different from a standard VHF/UHF barrel connector. The center coax conducto...

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  • $2.95

    Filter, MoCA "POE" for Cable TV & OTA coaxial networks ONLY


    The BELDEN PPC MoCA "Point of Entry" filter Model SNLP-1GCW serves as in-home networking services pass through for the 5-1002MHz band while providi...

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  • $14.95

    Perfect Vision PV6UE-05 Ridgeloc Compression Connectors RG6 Coax Cable Bag of 50

    Perfect Vision

    For sale a bag of 50 RG6 Perfect Vision Connectors approved by DirecTV and Dish Network This universal connector fits any standard quad-shield, tr...

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  • $6.95

    PPC Belden Right Angle Adapter EX11RAFM RG11


    A problem installers often face is identifying which connector is the best match for an old, unmarked 60% Through Quad Shield Series 11 cable. Usin...

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  • $2.75

    PPC Belden SNLP-1GCWWS POE Filter to Prevent Interference from Near MoCA Users


    Important!!! This listing is for 1(one) filter. Prevents interference between subscriber homes that use MoCA technologyEnhances MoCA signal level w...

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  • from $3.95

    Premium Coaxial Cables 18 AWG RG-6 Indoor White Black Satellite CCTV


    Our company is proud to manufacture this high quality and durable coaxial cable. This cable is available in Black and White, and comes in lengths f...

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