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Extreme Broadband MoCA POE-BB1SP-VF 6kV Surge Protection

by Extreme
  • Compact POE filters allow easy installations in the tightest spaces. Clear labeling makes customer tampering less likely while maintaing network integrity.
  • The unique DataComm™ feature set allows MoCA communication between the passive data port and all active output ports on the 2000 series Infinity Premise Amplifiers. Are you looking to block MoCA at the Data Port? DataComm is completely optional allowing greater flexibility when designing your MoCA network.
  • CrossTalk™ makes the 2000 series Infinity Premise Amplifier the only amplifier available that allows free MoCA communication between all RF outputs. Technicians no longer need to worry where they connect MoCA devices.
  • Reduce components and the risk of customer tampering by integrating the POE filter into standard premises equipment such as splitters, ground blocks, and amplifiers. A simple way to improve MoCA network integrity and system reliability.
  • Most Extreme Broadband products can be used alone or in combination with other product brands; however, when connected together, they bring added value to the installer, cable operator and user by simplifying installation, reducing service calls and improving overall customer satisfaction.

The POE- is a MoCA filter integrated into a ground block designed to stop frequencies over 1GHz from escaping the network.

By integrating the MoCA POE filter into unique surge protected bonding block, the opportunity for customer tampering is dramatically reduced. Not only are installation components reduced and reliability increased, the True Flex housing can snap into any Infinity Premise Enclosure without the use of additional hardware. That’s smart.

By placing the MoCA splitter at the demarcation point, MoCA frequencies will be unable to escape the home, protecting the integrity of your network.Designed to the highest technical specifications as the traditional Extreme Broadband Splitter line, the MoCA Splitter is another option for MoCA.


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