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Extreme Broadband IPA1008D-RSVF - 8 Way Splitter

by Extreme

Infinity Premise Amplifiers combine a revolutionary design and unique features in the industries smallest housing for guaranteed maximum performance. Data Plus Amplifiers include unique design features to increase reliability and decrease installation time. The patented Blue Port/Blue Label marks the passive data port.By utilizing a passive data port on the amplifier, modem/VoIP service will not be interrupted in the event of power loss. Additional outputs remain active and increase dB levels by a specified gain.Dual LED status lights, small compact design, and True Flex housing are just a few features assisting the technician in every installation. Not to mention, superior engineering.

•A passive data port guarantees modem service even in the event of power loss. Extreme's Blue Port & Blue Label make identification easy for the installer. One way Extreme is taking the guesswork out of installations. Smart.
•Mount the amplifier in the best configuration regardless of the situation. Mount horizontally, vertically, or simply snap the amplifier into the Infinity Premise Enclosure eliminating the need for screws and hardware. True Flex housing is the most versatile housing ever built. Enjoy.
•Now the installer can remote power from the most convenient outlet in the home. Power back through the passive modem port or through active output 1. Either way, the Infinity Premise Amplifier provides the most powering flexibility of any amplifier on the market. Easy.
•Extreme has delivered the smallest, most compact amplifier on the market. Small and compact means less inventory space, smaller enclosures, and increased installation flexibility. Small footprint. Big performance. Smaller is better.
•Dual LED No matter which way you mount the Infinity Premise Amplifier, a status LED is always visible. Yet another way Extreme makes the installer's job easier. Brilliant.