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Cable Prep SC-715QR Blade Kit for SCT/RSCT-715QR

por CablePrep
  • Perform three functions at once.
  • Feature non-clogging stops.
  • Core out-of-round cable.
  • Prevent O-ring damage.
  • Operates manually or with a drill.

Cable Prep® offers the SC-715QR Blade Kit for the SCT and RSCT-715QR Stripping and Coring Tool with Ratchet Handle. Featuring one-piece design with 3-function blade, it works on 0.715 Quantum Reach CommScope cables for perfectly aligned cutting edges and beveled outer conductor edge that eliminates o-ring damage. Used with the SCT and RSCT-715QR, to strip and bevel the outer conductor and core the dieelectric in one easy step. Can be operated manually or with a 3/8" power drill without the handle.

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Part Number Tool Descriptionr
SC-7MMQR QR Replacement Blade Kit
SC-F320QR QR Replacement Blade Kit
SC-500QR QR Replacement Blade Kit
SC-540QR QR Replacement Blade Kit
SC-860QR QR Replacement Blade Kit
SC-1125QR QR Replacement Blade Kit