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Fuente de alimentación DirecTV Genie 2 para Hs17 EPS17R0

  • Replacement power supply for DIRECTV HS17 receivers (Genie 2)
  • Replaces all EPS17 power supplies such as EPS17RX-XX, EPS17R0-36 and EPS17R0-15
  • Output: 25.2 V 2.86 A
  • This device is more than just a power supply. What it does is built into its name – it inserts power into a satellite line that also carries signal. (Yes, a satellite dish needs power in order for it to work.)
  • This particular DIRECTV power inserter allows one cable to feed a satellite dish or multiswitch.

Fuente de alimentación de repuesto para DirecTV Genie 2 HS-17
Reemplaza todas las fuentes de alimentación EPS17 como EPS17RX-XX, EPS17R0-36 y EPS17R0-15.
Salida: 25,2 V 2,86 A