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DTV6PWRPOL-02 ProBrand, insertador de alimentación, bloqueador de polaridad

  • DTV6PWRPOL-02 ProBrand, Power Inserter, Polarity Locker has 6 input ports and 6 output ports.
  • Port to Port Isolation (Input to Output) is 35dB.
  • DC Switch Mode Power Supply: Operates with PI-29, 29VDC switch mode power supply device.Power supply required, NOT Included
  • Power Passing Ports Current Rating is 1000 mA. All Ports are DC power passing (from any Output to any input port). DC power only passes towards the ODU
  • Operating Environment: Indoor or Lock Box (Note: Unit shall not be exposed to direct outdoor elements)
El DTV6PWRPOL-02 es un bloqueador/insertor de alimentación de polaridad de seis líneas. Requiere una fuente de alimentación PI-29 que se vende por separado. Aprobado por DIRECTV.