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SatelliteSale-Conectores de barril coaxiales F81 de alta frecuencia, acoplador adaptador hembra a hembra tipo F de 3Ghz

  • SatelliteSale High-Frequency F81 Coaxial Barrel Connectors are perfect for connecting and extending your F-Pin coaxial cables. They were designed to suit all F-Type connectors for indoor and outdoor use.
  • F-type barrel connectors are produced with high-quality zinc-plated metal to provide oxidation resistance and durability.
  • Our connectors are perfect for extending the connection of your cable box, TV, satellite receivers, VCRs, cable modems, off-air antennas, or other digital AV devices.
  • These connectors are compatible with all the systems over coax. This includes: Dish Network, Cable Vision, Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Altice, DirecTV, and Charter.
  • All SatelliteSale products are ensured with an unbeatable lifetime warranty!

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