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Véritable nouvelle alimentation CA DirecTV Ginie DVR EPS44R3 (Genie & Genie Lite)

  • Original Equipment, DIRECTV Branded, Green Label
  • Works with DIRECTV Models: H44, HR44, and HR54
  • High Quality Power Cord, Rated at 12 Volt, 4 Amp
  • It directly replaces all models that are EPS44Rx-xx, such as EPS44R1-01, EPS44R2-13, EPS44R3-01, EPS44R3-14, EPS44R3-15, EPS44R3-08, EPS 44, etc.
  • Compact accessory that doesn't require additional software or settings to use. Quick, easy to install.

VÉRITABLE NOUVELLE ALIMENTATION DIRECTV GENIE DVR AC EPS44R3 (Genie Genie Lite) À vendre 1 (une) alimentation de remplacement pour les DVR HR44, HR54 et Genie Light. Véritable produit DIRECTV. ENTRÉE 120v~1,3A 60Hz SORTIE 12v-4,0A NIVEAU D'EFFICACITÉ : V