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SatelliteSale Flex simple ou double câble blanc ou noir vis clous clips 100 pièces

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  • SatelliteSale Flex Single or Dual Cable White or Black Screw Nail Clips 100 Pcs protect your cables and equipment from damage by neatly organizing them. Prevent trip hazards and potential grounding problems by securing loose wires with our clips.
  • Cable Clips are perfect for withstanding harsh weather impact thanks to a special PE UV material. They come with pre-installed corrosion-resistant zinc-plated screws so you can manage your cables outdoors!
  • Managing your grounding wires and power cables with SatelliteSale Cable Clips have never been easier! The clip's design includes ridges that 'lock' the wire firmly and automatically adapt to 10-14 AWG cable sizes.
  • Our cable clips' design ensures cable security, and is compatible with various mounting surfaces.
  • One pack contains 100 pieces. In addition, all SatelliteSale products are ensured with an unbeatable lifetime warranty!

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