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Zinwell WB616 DIRECTV Large bande 6 x 16 multi-commutateurs (WB616)

par DirecTV
  • Use with DIRECTV AT9 or AU9 Ka/Ku satellite dishes for MPEG-4 compression HD compatible receivers.
  • The Zinwell WB616 is a DirecTV approved, 6X16 multi-switch, designed to expand the new AT9 Ka/Ku Satellite Dish
  • Supporting up to 16 independently operated receivers.
  • The WB616 supports all DirecTV Receivers, but is specially designed to work with the newest MPEG4-capable DirecTV HD Receivers.
  • The WB616 supports up to two additional inputs using "Flexports" from satellites at locations such as 95° W and 72.5° W. The WB616 Multi-Switch is NOT cascadable.
Multiswitch Zinwell Wide Band 6x16 - WB616 conçu jusqu'à 16 sorties pour l'antenne parabolique Ka/Ku/lit les satellites Ka 99-103 et Ku 101, 110, 119/interface avec les nouveaux satellites DIRECTV tels que 95 W et 72,5 W