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100 Pcs Ground Wire Black Flex Clips with Screw 10 12 14 Gauge GA

  • Use this flexible clip to avoid strain on the cable and preserve the integrity of the signal.
  • Can be attached using a hex head driver or Phillips screwdriver.
  • Made from pliable UV-stabilized polyethylene. Won't constrict, nip, or damage cable.
  • Works with: 10, 12 and 14 Gauge Ground Wire
  • Color: Black

Specifically designed with strong, yet soft, plastic material that won't damage coaxial, data, electrical, or other wire and cables. Additionally, by using a special PE UV material, no electrical shorts are created (as seen with staples or metal clips).

High Quality, Outdoor Rated, UV Protected PE Clip and Long-Life Yellow Zinc plated screw anchors are designed to be strong and easy to install. They are pre-installed into the clip, saving time and making installation much easier.

100 Pieces of Black Single Flex Clips
Flexible Grip with Screws
Material: Polyethylene Nylon
Clips include screws.