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4KIT SWM DirecTV KA/KU HD SL3 Slimline LNBF Dish

  • 4WAY SWM SPLITTER GREEN LABEL, power inserter not included
  • SWM 3LNBF SL3 GREEN LABEL 101-99-103
  • Brand new DIRECTV Standard Reflector plate
  • Brand new directv SKIEW / ELEVATION back plate
  • Brand new DIRECTV Standard Dish STUB MAST 2" OD

DirecTV KA/KU SWM 3 LNB Satellite Dish - AU9, Enables You To Receive progrmming In HD Via Satellite, from 3 satellite 101/99/103 into one wire solution SWM. Required For DIRECTV High-Definition Programming. SWM: SINGLE WIRE MULTISWITCH Receives Satellites: 99 (KA) 101 (KU) 103 (KA) USED FOR HD , LOCAL CHANNELS (WHERE AVAILABLE) AND BASIC PROGRAMMING. Compatible with DIRECTV receivers D12,H20,H21,H23,HR20,HR21,R22,HR22,hr23,r15,r16,H25,H24,HR24. Certified to work with DIRECTV PROGRAMMING FROM SATELLITES 101,99,103. Receives primary DIRECTV services MPEG4. Connect up to 4 receivers thru 4way swm splitter (INCLUDED). lnbf for orbital location 101-99-103 satellites.