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Acome N7910D Indoor Aramide Reinforced Fiber Optical 2.8mm Drop White Cable 1000m/3280ft

  • Comes in a large spool with an extensive length of fiber optic cable to cover your connectivity needs
  • Durable cable construction with reinforcement to prevent damage during installation
  • Aramide reinforced jacket makes fiber preparation and termination clean and straightforward
  • Provides reliably clear optical transmission for high performance data transfer
  • Suitable for a wide range of fiber optic network implementations. Fiber cable comes in a reel of 3280ft.

ACOME indoor drop cable 2.8mm range is designed to suit the needs of Telecom Infrastructures cabling, for FTTH network. Protected with a Low Smoke Halogen Free outer sheath (LSOH), this cable has a fire behaviour in accordance with international standards. With its small diameter, small weight, this cable is adapted for the indoor cabling up to the subscriber, the passage of dividing wall, flagstone, and encumbered duct. This cable is also compatible with the sticking. Pre-packed in a reel of 3280ft.