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Amphenol Broadband MoCA 2.0 Digital Splitter ABS31xH Series

  • ABS318H is fully compatible with Holland Electronics Moca GHS-8PRO-M
  • 5 - 1675 MHz Performance
  • 6kV Ring Wave Surge Withstand
  • 15 PSI Pressure-Sealed F-Ports
  • Machine Threaded F-Ports

MoCA technologically continues to evolve and advance as the broadband
home networking standard of choice. ABS31xH series digital splitters are
MoCA-optimized for delivering HD media and broadband data throughout the
1125 – 1675 MHz frequency range.

Choose the ABS31xH series for splitting new and pre-existing coaxial cable
runs in SDU’s, MDU’s and small business networks. The ABS31xH series
splitters maintain system integrity and reliability throughout the full 5 – 1675
MHz bandwidth - while maintaining low passive intermodulation. High EMI
shielding effectiveness protects against ingress. ABS31xH splitters also
ensure mechanical and environmental reliability through pressure-sealed and
machined F-ports and 6kV surge withstand.