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Antronix 3-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter CMC2003H-A

  • Perfectly works with: Comcast, Xfinity, RCN, Optimum, Wow, COX, Spectrum and many more cable providers. Not recommended for Verizon, Direct TV and Century Link.
  • -45 dBmV Spurious and Harmonics after 5 Surges of 6 kV Ring Wave with a +55 dBmV Return Signal
  • 6 kV Ring Wave Surge Protected. Eclipse Contact Technology (ECT) F-Port. Digital Broadcast, HDTV and MoCa Ready
  • Flat 1002 MHz Bandwidth with Minimal Insertion Loss. 35 dB Return Path Output Return Loss and 40 dB Port-to-Port Return Band Isolation.
  • Capacitively Coupled F-Ports. SCTE Compliant F-Ports with 1 inch Port Spacing. 100% Soldered Back

Reliability, quality and performance define the Antronix CMC2000 series digital splitter. These horizontal and vertical digital splitters have been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks.
6 kV Ring Wave Surge Protected: All ports are protected against multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE specification C62.41 Category A3.
Digital Broadcast & HDTV Ready: Compatible with existing and future networks.
Flat 1 GHz Bandwidth with Minimal Insertion Loss: Supports present and future multimedia applications including video, data and telephony.

Zinc Alloy Diecast Housing & Backplate w/ Proprietary Nickel Alloy Plating: Superior corrosion resistant plating combined with a diecast backplate protects the back of the housing where corrosion is more prominent.
100% Soldered Back: Ensures repeatable 120 dB RFI shielding.
1 inch Port-to-Port Spacing Flat 15 psi Sealed, SCTE Compliant F-Port: Prevents water migration in to the splitter and ensures an excellent ground connection.
UV Resistant Label
Operating Temperature: -40 degree to 60 degree Celsius