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Antronix 75Ohm VoIP Integrated Residential Amplifier Kit by SatelliteSale

  • The passive VoIP port provides a passive 4.5 dB loss, even when power is disrupted, to maintain critical voice service.
  • All-Ports-Down Configuration for NID Enclosures. The all ports facing down configuration provides clean wiring within a NID enclosure.
  • Low Intermodulation Ferrites. Proprietary ferrite blend inhibits re-magnetization of the core due to voltage spikes from impulse noise or lightning. This prevents high-level return carriers from affecting forward path video signals.
  • Optional Power Inserter for Remote Powering. The amplifier can be powered remotely with a dual isolation compartment power inserter for high AC to RF isolation to prevent ingress.
  • PTC Short-Circuit Protected UL Listed Adaptor. Self-resetting circuit protection provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize maintenance costs

Antronix VRA904B/ACP 75Ohm VoIP Integrated Residential Amplifier 8+1P Kit by SatelliteSale provides a passive VoIP port for reliable voice service, even when power is disrupted to the amplifier. The 9-output port amplifier has 8 amplified output ports with unity gain in the forward band and an active return band with one passive VoIP port. This amplifier utilizes the Antronix patented CamPort®. This auto-seizing F-port ensures maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. Powder Coated Aluminum Housing provides the most corrosion-resistant protection against salt fog and rust. The all-ports-down configuration allows for ease of installation in a NID enclosure. Comes pre-packed with AC Power Adaptor, 120 VAC/60 Hz Input and Antronix ARPI-2000 Power Inserter, SatelliteSale Coaxial White Indoor Cable (3 feet), and RG-6 Coaxial Indoor Connectors (Pack of 10 pcs).

What is in the box:

  • Antronix Residential Amplifier
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Antronix ARPI-2000 Power Inserter
  • SatelliteSale Coaxial White Indoor Cable (3 feet)