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Antronix High Performance 3-Way Cable TV Splitter CMC2003H-A OTA Coaxial 5-1002M

  • 6 kV Ring Wave Surge Withstand All ports withstand multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE specification C62.41 Category A3.
  • -45 dBmV Spurious and Harmonics after 5 Surges of 6 kV Ring Wave with a +55 dBmV Return Signal Proprietary ferrite blend inhibits re-magnetization of the core due to voltage spikes from impulse noise or lightning. The ferrite remains ultra linear to prevent intermodulation where high level return carriers can affect forward path video signals.
  • Digital Broadcast and HDTV Ready Compatible with existing and future networks.
  • Flat 1 GHz Bandwidth with Minimal Insertion Loss Supports present and future multimedia applications including video, data and telephony.
  • High Return Path Output Return Loss and Port-to-Port Return Band Isolation Excellent return path performance compatible with two-way digitally modulated networks.

Antronix CMC2003H-A 3 Way Splitter

Antronix digital splitters are premium-grade passives designed specifically for two-way multimedia communications. Our low inter-modulation design and excellent optimized return band isolation prevents high cable modem signals from affecting forward band transmissions. Our CMC2000 series digital splitters are ideal for present and future transmission technologies, and various media such as telephony, voice, and transmission sensitive higher order modulation schemes such as QPSK and QAM.

Reliability, quality and performance define the Antronix CMC2000 series digital splitter. Our horizontal, vertical and universal digital splitters have been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks and the CMC2000Us are ideal for Network Interface Device (NID) box installations. Our digital splitters are among the most robust in the industry. Every port on each CMC2000 series splitter withstands multiple 6 kV ring wave surges, while our proprietary ferrites remain ultra-linear following several surges. The CMC2000 series digital splitters are encased in a zinc alloy diecast housing with nickel alloy plating and employ high “Q” surface mount technology (SMT) components - guaranteeing consistent performance over time and temperature. With more than 90 versions available, there is a CMC2000 digital splitter for every network need.


Eclipse Contact Technology (ECT) F-port Provides 400% more contact surface area for lower contact resistance and higher reliability.
Capacitively Coupled F-ports Protects against core re-magnetization and saturation while blocking AC surges.
Zinc Alloy Diecast Housing and Backplate w/Proprietary Nickel Alloy Plating Superior corrosion resistant plating combined with a diecast backplate protects the back of the housing where corrosion is more prominent.
100% Soldered Back Ensures repeatable 120 dB RFI shielding.
1 inch Port-to-Port Spacing Flat 15 psi Sealed, SCTE Compliant F-port Prevents water migration in to the splitter and ensures an excellent ground connection.
UV Resistant Label
Integrated Mounting Tabs and Heavy Duty Ground Block for Years of Reliable Service
Available in Universal Mount Design Ideal for NID Enclosures For either vertical or all ports facing down installation.