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Antronix MoCA 2.0 Splitter for Frontier Formerly Verizon Fios 5-1675 MHz


Antronix’s MoCA 2.0 splitters deliver new and expanded function. The MMC1000-B series of splitters has optimized MoCA 2.0 performance in the 975-1675 MHz band for compatibility with MoCA products, and for optimal data rates for video sharing, multi-room DVR service, video conferencing, and other MoCA applications. Like all Antronix products, our MoCA splitters are built to last. Every port on our splitters is 6 kV ring wave surge protected, while our proprietary ferrites remain ultra-linear following several surges. They employ high “Q” surface mount technology (SMT) components, guaranteeing consistent performance over time and temperature.