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AT&T DirecTV 30 Tuner Reverse-Band Capable Satellite Multiswitch


The DSWM30 multiswitch from DIRECTV feeds up to 30 tuners in two banks of 15 for easy wiring of large scale installations. This multiswitch supports 4K and the use of the international World DIRECT dish.

Key Features:

  • Supports two banks of 15 tuners (no MoCA/MRV crossover) for 30 total SWM channels
  • When using with WorldDIRECT dish, use the WD-DIPLEXER-09 diplexer sold separately
  • Compatible with previous generation Slimline dishes
  • Powers any coax-powered device up to 13V, 500mA with a output level of -25dBm
  • For SWM-capable receivers only (H21 or higher, D12, HR20 or higher, HS17)
  • Can work as a replacement for the SWM-8, SWM-16, and SWM-32 multiswitches
  • Requires PI-29Z Power Inserter