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AudioQuest Pearl 8K Universal HDMI 2.0 Cable 18Gbps PVC Black And White Cord 8 Feet Wire

  • Long-Grain Copper (LGC) has fewer impurities and grain junctions, reducing distortion and jitter (digital timing errors).
  • Solid conductors eliminate electrical and magnetic strand interaction. Hard-Cell Foam (HCF) insulation minimizes distortion and ensures critical signal-pair geometry.
  • The plug, One-Piece Metal Shield keeps out more RF Noise than normal foil or multi-piece systems.
  • Superior eARC conductors maximize Audio Return Channel performance.
  • Noise-Dissipation: The surface of all conductors have fish-scale-like overlapping grains. AQ controls the resulting small directional impedance variation at radio (cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.) frequencies in order to drain noise away from where it will cause distortion.

In today, quickly evolving digital world, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) has already had a remarkably long run. This has been possible because the creators and keepers of the HDMI specifications have repeatedly updated the system in order to enable more features and higher-resolution video. Almost all this evolution has been in the hardware, though there have also been meaningful upgrades to the cable specifications.

All HDMI generations of HDMI cables are backward compatible — all will work, though at lower resolution because older cables were not designed to carry as much data as current-specification cables. 4K TVs are now the norm, and 8K displays are available, so it's important that new TVs be supported with HDMI cables that have the 18Gbps bandwidth necessary to transmit video up to 8K/30.