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Belden Linear Compliant Compression Tool CPLCCT-SLMR

by Belden
  • Made of solid steel 4130 chromoly that is crafted to be both durable and light-weight
  • Self-adjusting plunger head provides a one-step, one-tool system
  • Utilizes TRUE 360º compression technology
  • Tool works with PPC’s full line of Snap-N-Seal® ProSNS® compression connectors
  • Quick and easy to use.

The CPLCCT-SLMR works as a complete system with Belden's compression connectors to create TRUE 360 degree compression on the cable. The compression system is designed to provide a professional installer with all of the tools and accessories required to create a quality connection. The CPLCCT-SLMR compression tool includes four interchangeable tips allowing installers to compress a variety of connector types including F, RCA, and BNC.

CPLCCT-SLMR Includes 4 interchangeable tips to compress a variety of connectors and Tip holders.

Install These Types of Compression Connectors:

  • F, RCA and BNC Connectors
  • RG59, RG6 Sizes
  • RGB/Mini Coax 23-24 AWG and 25-26 AWG
  • One-Piece and Multi-Piece Connectors
  • Plenum and Security (CCTV) Sizes
  • Right Angle Connectors
  • Standalone Splice Connectors
  • Speaker Connectors