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Belden Tech Express Tool Kit PROPSAKIT Snap-n-Seal

by Belden
  • Kit Contains Standard Compression Tool (CPSNSCT-596), Cable Strip Tool (PSA59/6) for RG59, RG6 and RG6 Quad-Shield with Extra Blade Cartridge and RG6 Flare Tool
  • Compression Tools are Made of Solid Steel for Maximum Strength and Durability, but Crafted to Be Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Superior True 360º Connection with Cable Pro Compression Tool
  • Cost Savings by Purchasing Both Tools Together in One Kit
  • Quick and easy to use.

The CPSNSCT-596 tool compresses Snap-N-Seal compression connectors to create True 360º compression on the cable. The tool compresses F, RCA, BMC and right angle connectors for RG6, RG59, RGB/mini, plenum and security (CCTV) cables. No adaptor dies are needed. 


The PSA59/6 cable strip tool preps RG59 and RG9 cable. The tool features patented cable stop to create a perfect 1/4”-1/4“ cable preparation. An integrated side flaring tool for RG6 cable assist with stretching the jacket for easy cable insertion into the connector. For installer convenience, every cable strip tool comes with an extra  replaceable cartridge.