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SatelliteSale Black RG6 Single Cable Grip Mounting Screw Clips 100 CT

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Designed and Manufactured from an extremely durable polyethylene, which is the same material of cable jackets The precision engineered design of the clips makes installations easy and clean. No experience required. / Twin mounting head allow for the use of either a 1/4" hex drive bit The adjustable “teeth” enables the Grip Clip to expand when needed, therefore, allowing for a superior fit. This also allows for an expansion of the Diameter allowing other wires to fit. The pre-inserted Screws ensure that there is no accidental damage from tools such as hammers during installation. These pre-inserted screws make the installation quicker and hassle free. The unsurpassable and exceptional design of the GRIP-Clips maintains the integrity and consistency of the signal by avoiding stress on both the cable and the clip itself, making the life of the clip is unrivaled.