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Cable Prep 10-1/4"L Dieless Crimper, RG6, RG59, RG7 and RG11 - MCT-101

  • Pre-calibrated at the factory for all compression connectors
  • Spin and store wheel for simple operation
  • One-handed cable insertion and removal
  • High mechanical leverage provides ease of closure on any connectors
  • Patented 360-degree connector support for uniform compression

Smartly designed with the technician in mind, MCT Cable Prep dual compression tools feature an innovative wheel that positions one calibrated setting for use, while storing the other connector support dogs neatly away. Convenient, lightweight, rugged, and reliable, these tools attach all connectors commonly used in “RG” drop-cable applications. MCT Cable Prep dual compression tools attach all RCA, BNC, and F-type compression connectors used on RG-6, -59, -11 and mini-coax cables.

MCT tools come in two configurations. Each configuration has a connector support wheel with two sets of dogs. Each set of dogs is identified by a color-coded indicator on the front of the wheel, and supports all connectors in a given class. To determine which tool is right for your application, determine the classes of connectors that you most often use and select the tool that supports those classes. Common connectors are listed on product images.

For more models please contact us at or write the model you want in the order notes

Part Number Dimension(Inches) Weight(Pounds)
MCT-101 10.25 1.5 .65
MCT-102 10.25 1.5 .65