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Cable Prep CPT-7538 Drop/Coax Cable Stripper, RG6/59 Mini Coax

  • Three operations in one step.
  • Hardened tool-steel blades.
  • Factory-calibrated strip-back dimensions.
  • Patented clean-out feature.
  • Replaceable cartridges.
The Cable Prep® CPT-7538 is drop cable stripping tool for Belden mini coax cable. The CPT stripper is factory calibrated to remove the right amount of cable jacket, cut braid and dielectric to 1/4" length, and expose the center conductor (1/4" minimum) in one smooth operation. The notched blade in the cartridge eliminates the risk of scoring the center conductor and cuts through the jacket, braid, foil and dielectric leaving the center conductor exposed. The shallow blade cuts through only the jacket of the cables. The patented cleanout feature of the CPT tool automatically removes excess jacket, braid, and dielectric from the tool after stripping. The CPT-7538 mini coax cable stripper has a replaceable cartridge with steel blades that allows for up to 5000 uses - RBC-7538 yellow cartridge (304X650).