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CablePrep Case of 100 Units Wing Ding Torque Wrenches and Coding Rings

  • Wing Ding wrenches and rings are for indoor use with RG-59 and RG-6 video cables.
  • The wrenches slip over all 7/16" F-fittings and do not require replacing the connector.
  • Avoid damage from overly tightened connectors on customer equipment.
  • Prevent signal loss caused by loose connections.
  • Match cables to ports for correct reconnection.
Wing Ding torque wrenches and color-coded rings provide a creative solution to the indoor interface problem by ensuring proper tightening of F-connectors and matching ports with cables for correct reconnection. This finger torque wrench and coding ring set is designed for indoor use with RG-59 and RG-6 video cables. The wrench slips easily over 7/16" F-connector, providing torque for proper tightening of connector to port. This eliminates over-tightening that can damage equipment and loose connections that can degrade signals and digital services. Color matched to a corresponding wrench, the ring slips over an F-port for visual confirmation that the cable is reconnected to the correct port. This prevents incorrect configuration if the equipment is moved to a new location.