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CablePrep Cobra 360 Fixed Coax Dual Compression Tool RG-6/59/7/11 & RCA

  • Ergonomic and Compact Design: With a convenient pocket- sized design, The Cobra 360 compression tool can be operated easily and comfortably with either hand thanks to a newly modeled tool body made from high-strength materials that are surprisingly lightweight.
  • 360-Degree Connector Support: Patented dogs provide 360- degree connector support, thereby ensuring uniform compression and preventing connector distortion caused by misalignment.
  • Efficient Self-releasing Dogs: Cables can be easily inserted and removed from the dogs with one hand, making the Cobra tool convenient and easy to use while avoiding damage to cables.
  • Easy-release Handle: A magnetic tip holds the handle closed when not in use, protecting the tool and making it so compact it can be stored in a pocket – or an eyeglasses case.
  • Versatile, Dual Connector Support System: Two sets of dogs are built into the Cobra. The support for RG-6 and -59 connectors simply swings out of the way when making RG-7 and -11 connections.

Cobra 360 compression tools attach compression connectors used in drop cable applications. Low in cost and highly productive, the Cobra 360 features a performance-driven design that delivers easy, powerful leverage and ensures consistent, precise connections, every time. Ergonomic, compact and sturdy design can be operated easily and comfortably with either hand. Patented and efficient self releasing dogs facilitate easy, one-handed cable insertion and removal while ensuring 360-degree connector support. Dual Integrated Connector Supports enable quick conversions from one application to another without having to make adjustments or change tools altogether. The Cobra 360 and Cobra 360-G are adjustable and attach all F-type compression connectors used on RG-6, -59, -7, -11 and mini-coax cables.

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PartNumber Color Dimension (in) Weight
COBRA 360 Black 5.5 .65
COBRA 360-830 Black 5.5 .65
COBRA 360-710 Black 5.5 .65