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CablePrep FOC-200 Fiber Optic Cable Stripping Tool

  • Superior Stripping Performance: Three precision-tooled cutting notches can remove more than one inch of fiber optic cable jacket, buffer tube or buffer coating in just one pass.
  • Unique, Self-lubricating Bolt: A mineral-oil impregnated nylon bushing promotes smooth movement of the jaws and ensures long-term accuracy.
  • Easy-reach Lock: The tool can be locked and unlocked effortlessly without changing hand position or using two hands.
  • Positive-action Spring: The wire spring is configured to open the grips fully wide and close with light, steady resistance, giving a “just right” hand feel.
  • Snug, Compact Design: Soft-touch cushioned grips conform to the hand; small size fits easily in the pocket.

The FOC-200 fiber optic cable wire stripping tool from Cable Prep brings a higher standard of performance to technicians working with fiber optic cables. Three cutting notches accommodate stripping requirements across a range of cable types, and because of the quality of its design and manufacturing, the FOC-200 boosts accuracy and productivity in the field even after thousands of cuts.

  • Industry-leading precision allows easy removal of more than one inch of jacket or buffer tube with just one cut.
  • Cushioned grips and special spring design deliver maximum comfort and ease of operation
  • Compact, ergonomic design with an easy-reach lock can be operated with either hand and stored in the pocket.


The FOC-200 works for all varieties of fiber optic cable, including loose tube and bonded fibers. Its three cutting notches are designed to strip 1.6 - 3mm fiber optic cable jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer tube, then to the 250-micron coating, and finally down to the 125-micron glass fiber.