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CablePrep HPT-BNC Hybrid Pocket Compression Tool with Insertion Feature for BNC & RCA

  • The compression tool is easily operated with either hand. The plunger tips are universal within a class of connectors.
  • The plunger tips on HPT compression tools are truly universal. The tools support all connector types within a class, with no need to recalibrate the plunger throw or change the tip. The compression throw distance is set at the factory, and a hex lock nut keeps the tool calibrated over long periods of use. Field recalibration, if necessary, is quick and easy.
  • Connector insertion ports molded into the tool for RCA, BNC, and F-connectors eliminate the need for and inconvenience of a separate insertion tool.
  • Patented "dogs" provide 360-degree connector support, thereby ensuring uniform compression and preventing connector distortion caused by misalignment.
  • One-handed cable insertion and removal. Patented 360-degree connector support for uniform compression

HPT pocket compression tools insert and attach all cable compression connectors used in drop coaxial cable applications and are an affordable solution to ensure consistent, precise performance, every time.

Application: The HPT series of pocket tools attach all RCA, BNC, and F-type compression connectors used on RG-6, -59, -11 and mini-coax cables.

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HPT Part Number Tool Descriptionr
HPT-1100 Compression Tool w/Insertion Feature for RG7 & 11F
HPT-1100ATT Compression Tool w/Insertion Feature for Aqua Tight Connector/PPC