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CablePrep Open End, Full 7/16" Torque Wrench, 0 to 20 in.-lb.

  • Knurled Tool Body: A textured, anodized aluminum shaft provides a gripping surface to ensure a firm hold during use
  • Color-coded Rings: Easy identification of different torque settings ranging from 20 to 40 inch pounds is made possible with color differentiated end caps.
  • Industry-leading Performance: The Cable Prep torque wrench has been rigorously engineered, tested and proven to deliver consistent results over the long term.
Torque Wrench, 7/16 in Dr, 0 to 20 in.-lb. Cable Prep torque wrenches prevent damage to equipment from over tightening or signal loss due to loose connectors because of their consistent and precise torque, which is unique in the industry. Unlike other torque wrenches that lose their “snap” over time, the Cable Prep Torque Wrench will always apply the specified torque with every use.