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CablePrep | PIII and T10 Hardline Strip/Core Tool - (0.875″ / Gray) - Model: SCT-875

  • 3 functions: Strips / Bevels the outer conductor and Cores the dielectric all in one operation.
  • Heat treated, fully hardened long life blades manufactured from high-alloy tool steel.
  • Leaves a beveled outer conductor edge that eliminates O-ring damage, minimizing water migration.
  • Body Housing: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Manual (or) Drill Operated

The SCT-875 stripping/coring tool is two tools in one. SCT cable strippers remove the aluminum sheath without scoring, while the cable coring function cores the dielectric and bevels the outer conductor on hardline cables. SCT stripping/coring tools work on 0.412″ through 1.000″ hardline cables, including PIII, T10, TX10, CommScope Power Feeder, Times Fiber 50-ohm, PB10, MC2, and comparable HFC cables. The guide sleeve or sleeve band on each tool is color-coded to facilitate picking the right tool for a specific cable. SCT-875 is designed to Strip-&-Core (0.875″ / Gray) hardline cables. Handle can be removed for operation with a 3/8-inch variable speed drill. Specifications: ● Cable Type/Size: 0.875″ ● Color Code: Grey ● Body Material: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on tool body ● Operation: Manual (or) 3/8" Drill ● Weight: 9.3 oz. ● Replacement Blade Kit Part # (SC-875RB) ● Replacement Guide Sleeve Kit Part # (GS-875)

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Part Number Tool Descriptionr
SCT-412-ALU PIII and T10 Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-500-ALU HFC, PIII and T10 Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-565-ALU PIII and TX Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-625-ALU HFC, PIII and T10 Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-700-ALU PIII and TX Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-750-ALU HFC, PIII and T10 Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-840-ALU PIII and TX Cable Strip/Core Tool
SCT-625/PF-ALU CommScope Power Feeder Strip/Core Tool
SCT-625/50-ALU Times Fiber 50 Ohm Cable Strip/Core Tool