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CablePrep PIK-6590HPT Professional Premises Installation Kits

  • Specifically configured tool kits to ensure smooth drop installations.
  • Professional tool set, with multi‑functional design to match a range of applications.
  • Package Included: 1 x Cable Stripping Tool CPT-6590-SINGLE, 1 x Hybrid Pocket Compression Tool HPT-6590, 1 x Drop Cable Cutter CC-2008, 1 x Tool Pouch, 1 x Wing Ding Pack.
  • Free tool pouch perfectly sized for the tool kits.
  • Made in the USA.

PIK Premises Installation Kits are specifically configured with tools that ensure smooth drop installations. Kits are available in an array of designs to match your needs, and each kit includes a free tool pouch specifically designed for the tools.

The PIK is a cable assembly tool kit specifically for drop applications.Cable Prep PIK packages include all the cable installer tools necessary to ensure smooth premises installation of RG-6,-59,-11, and mini-coax cables.

PIK Cable Installation Kits come in a follow configuration:

  • Cable Stripping Tool CPT-6590-SINGLE.
  • Hybrid Pocket Compression Tool HPT-6590.
  • Drop Cable Cutter CC-2008.
  • Tool Pouch

For more models please contact us at or write the model you want in the order notes

HPT Part Number Tool Descriptionr
PIK-659HPT-C Includes CPT-6590-SINGLE, HPT-6590, 4375 & CC-2008 with Tool Pouch
PIK-659HPT-M Includes CPT-6590-SINGLE, CPT-7538, HPT-6590, CC-2008 with Tool Pouch
PIK-659HPT-TW20 Includes CPT-6590-SINGLE, HPT-6590, TRX-7/16-20 & CC-2008 with Tool Pouch
PIK-659HPT-TW30 Includes CPT-6590-SINGLE, HPT-6590, TRX-7/16-30 & CC-2008 with Tool Pouch
PIK-711HPT Includes CPT-1100-SINGLE, HPT-1100, CC-2008 with Tool Pouch
PK-HLSTR Holster with Pouch holds three tools (PIK KIT)