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CablePrep RBC-6590 Replacement Blade Cartridge For CPT and Super CPT strippers RG6 RG59

  • Made of the highest quality steel, blades ensure optimum performance over a long life. Each cartridge can prepare 2,500 - 5,000 cables, depending on braid coverage.
  • Cartridge slots are labeled on the tool body. Cartridges must be placed in the slot indicated.
  • CablePrep RBC-6590 BLACK CPT/SCPT Replacement Blade, 1 Each
  • Made in USA
  • SatelliteSale is an Authorized CablePrep Distributor

The Cable Prep RBC-6590 BLACK replacement blade cartridge works with the yellow CPT-series and Super CPT-series coax cable strippers on RG6 and RG59 cable. It cuts braid and dielectric to .25" (6.4mm) and exposes the center conductor to .25" (6.4mm) minimum. The hardened, tool-steel blades ensure optimum performance over a long life. Each cartridge can prepare 2500 to 5000 cables, depending on braid coverage. The cartridge snaps easily into place.


The cartridge must be replaced when the blades are dull. Depending on the cable you are using, the number of cuts per blade cartridge varies. For best performance the blade should be kept free of any debris or floodant residue. If you see that the cut is not as clean, the braid is straggled, or the tool takes more revolutions to cut - REPLACE THE CARTRIDGE IMMEDIATELY.


While holding the tool, depress the lever and grasp the cartridge on both sides. Then pull cartridge straight down and out. Reverse this process for cartridge installation and then snap the cartridge in place. Move fingers away from cartridge and let go of lever.

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