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SatelliteSale Coaxial Duplex Wall Plate (White) Screws Included

  • Coaxial Installation
  • Flush Mount
  • Standard Size
  • White color
  • Screws included

Coaxial Duplex Wall Plate (White) Screws Included Terminates in-wall cable installations 2 jacks Limited lifetime warranty

3GHz F81 connector, nickel-plated, female ends are on both sides of plate.

For connecting F-Pin digital a/v coax cables.

Standard size wall plate, fits low voltage mounting bracket (NOT INCLUDED).

For a satellite coaxial cable pass through a wall.

- Install with a screwdriver. you need cable wire with the F-fitting on the cable;
- Each jack require their own input from a coax cable;
- Just drill a hole and run the coax through the drywall or up through the floor.