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DirecTV AT&T 4-Way SWM Power Passing Splitter

by Directv
  • DIRECTV Approved for Multi Room Viewing (MRV)
  • High isolation between outputs
  • Grounding port provided
  • Diode steered protection
  • 500mA DC passing from one port only

This 2-2150 MHz four-way splitter is used to split a single line from an SWM Switch or LNB to four lines to feed four receivers. Indoor/outdoor SWM splitter features one input and four outputs, one of which passes DC power, which is labeled in red. This high isolation wideband splitter is compatible with all SWM and MRV installations. This green label DIRECTV-approved splitter for multi-room viewing is the splitter to use for DIRECTV whole-home service. 

Key features:

DIRECTV approved for whole-home viewing used with SWM installations
500mA DC passing from one port only
High isolation between outputs
Diode steered protection
Only recommended for DIRECTV SWM systems
Manufacturers may vary