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DirecTV DC To RF Adapter ( 2 Pack ) DCFR0-01 or DCFR0-18 BroadBand Deca Cinema

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  • The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s, or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet
  • This kit includes the DECA II adapter, EPS10 power supply and DCFR0 DC to RF adapter
  • Use this device in place of a Cinema Connection Kit or older Broadband DECA
  • Compatible with the following receivers: H21,H23,H24,H25, HR20,HR21,HR22,HR23,HR24,HR34/Genie,THR22/Tivo
  • Standard Definition receivers and DIRECTV H10/H20 receivers require a band stop filter
2 Pack - DirecTV DC To RF Adapter DCFR0-01 or DCFR0-18 depending on the availability. Both model numbers are identical items just manufactured by different factories. Can be used with any model Broadband or Receiver DECA.
You will receive 2 adapters.