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DIRECTV Dual LNB 18 for 18" Dish (1)

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  • This DIRECTV dual LNB satellite dish has an 18 inch reflector for the 101 Directv Digital Satellite.
  • Designed to pick up the 101 satellite where most Directv Digital programming is located.
  • Includes 18 Dish, dual output LNB, dish arm, bolt pack, and instructions
  • Compatible with DISH Network, DirecTV, and ExpressVu systems
  • The reflector measures 18″ x 20″
Elevate your DirecTV experience with the One DIRECTV DUAL LNB 18, a genuine DirecTV product crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Engineered with precision, this LNB boasts excellent isolation and superior low noise, ensuring that your satellite signal remains strong and clear for uninterrupted viewing enjoyment. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the DirecTV system, this DUAL LNB is the perfect choice for households seeking high-quality satellite reception. Whether you have one receiver or two, this versatile LNB accommodates your needs, providing flexibility and convenience in your entertainment setup. With the One DIRECTV DUAL LNB 18, you can trust that you're getting a reliable and high-performing product that enhances your DirecTV experience. Say goodbye to signal disruptions and enjoy crystal-clear reception on all your favorite channels. Upgrade your satellite setup today with the One DIRECTV DUAL LNB 18 and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment like never before.