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DirecTV KAKU 5 Slimline HD DISH/4K SL5 Satellite SWM5 DSWM5 4K

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The 5 LNB DIRECTV Satellite dish antenna delivers HD programming to homes and businesses across the country. This kit allows you to build and install a DIRECTV satellite dish for reception of satellites 99°, 101°, and 103° satellites. This installation is great for DIY and professional installers for residential and commercial installations. It provides a single coax output which feeds up to four tuners, through the use of a SWM Splitter.

What's included:
-Satellite dish reflector
-Reflector mount
-LNB arm
-Back assembly unit
-Universal Mast
-SWM 4 Way Splitter
-PI-21 Power Inserter
-Hardware bag
-Bolts, Nuts & Screws
-Pitch Pads for use in between the mast and the mounting base to prevent moisture penetration.
-Assembly Instructions

Wiring Included:
-50 FT Outdoor Coax Cable
-10 FT Indoor Coax Cable
-1 FT Flat Jumper Cable
-6 FT HDMI Cable

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.