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DIRECTV Reverse Band 5 DSWM5 LNB 4K/HD/SD,119, 5D2RBLNBR0-01 21V inserter 4way

DirecTV Reverse Band SWM3 LNB Requires to pick up satellites 99 101 103 110 119 (119 satellite is required for spanish language programming and in some markets is required to pick up local channels. This is the latest model available from DirecTV and required for all 4K installations. Only one line is required from the satellite to feed 13 tuners. (In some case 21 tuner set up is possible) Compatible with  DIRECTV receivers D12,H20,H21,H23,HR20,HR21,R22,HR22,HR23,R16,H25,H24,HR24, HR34, HR44, HR54, C31, C41, C41W, C51, C61 and H44 Certified to work with DIRECTV PROGRAMMING FROM SATELLITES 101,99,103, 110, 119 You will receive: * Reverse Band SWM5 LNB(Depending on availability you will receive model: 5D2RBLNBR0-01 or 5D2RBLNBR0-14) * 21 VOLT POWER SUPPLY * 4 WAY SWM SPLITTER