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DIRECTV Reverse Band 5 Satellite UltraHD 4K Legacy LNB (SL5KRB)

by DirecTv
  • Attaches to any Slimline dish for the latest in HD, Ultra HD and 4K programming
  • Receives signal from satellites 99°, 101°, 110°, 119° and 103°
  • If you're upgrading an older Slimline satellite dish, simply remove the old LNB, connect this new one, then reboot all your receivers!
  • Can be used with SWM-30 for larger installations.
  • This LNB was designed to replace old legacy (4 output) SL5 LNB.

For Sale 1 (One) Brand New DIRECTV Reverse Band SL5 LNB with 6 outputs.  
Model-SL5KRBR0-01. Designed to be used with the new DSWM30 multiswitch.

DIRECTV’s latest LNB is designed to provide service to those who need access to the 119 satellite location for any programming. 

This LNB was designed to replace old legacy (4 output) SL5 LNB. This LNB both compatible with old systems and new DSWM30 multiswitch. Compatible with the following multiswitches: DSWM30, SWM16, SWM8, 6x8. 

This is a NEW, UNUSED, original-equipment, DIRECTV™ component.

SL5 LNB with Reverse Band capability for 99-101-103-110-119W satellites 


A Reverse Band LNB is required for 4K service. The newest and only 4K-capable LNB currently in use by DIRECTV™ - the Reverse Band 3 – does not support programming from the 119W orbital location. This LNB will change that once DIRECTV™ completes market testing and it starts being deployed nationwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact with any question.