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Eagle Aspen DTV3X4 DirecTV-Approved 3-In x 4-Out Multi-Switch

  • Frequency: 40-2050 Mhz
  • Compatible with standard RG-6 coax cable
  • May be substituted with Perfect Vision 3x4, Eagle Aspen DTV 3x4, or the Zinwell 3x4 depending on availability
  • Not compatible with three or five LNB DIRECTV dishes
  • Expands Single Satellite DIRECTV System To 4 Receivers .Combines Off-air Or Cable Tv With Satellite Signal To 1 Cable Per Tv Indoor/outdoor Use

This Eagle Aspen DTV3X4 3-In x 4-Out Power System Multi-Switch splits your signal from a standard dual LNB DIRECTV dish into four outputs. This allows you to expand your DIRECTV to four receiver tuners. This unit also has an input for off-air/cable input. As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, Solid Signal has this Eagle Aspen DIRECTV-approved 3x4 multiswitch with weather boots and other satellite TV products you need to enjoy satellite TV programming.