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EXFO Universal Patchcord Tip (1.25mm Ferrule) for FIP-400

  • Compatible tip for the EXFO FIP-400 fiber inspector probe
  • 1.25mm ferrule size to fit most common patchcord connectors
  • Allows quick inspection and evaluation of fiber endfaces
  • Easy attachment and removal from the FIP-400 probe
  • Durable construction stands up to repeated use
The EXFO Universal Patchcord Tip enables the FIP-400 fiber inspector probe to easily inspect and analyze 1.25mm fiber optic connectors. The tip quickly attaches to the FIP-400 probe to inspect patchcord endfaces and evaluate cleanliness or defects. With its durable construction, this detachable inspection tip can withstand repeated use when inspecting connectors in the field or data center. The universal 1.25mm ferrule tip fits most common connector types.