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Filter, MoCA "POE" for Cable TV & OTA coaxial networks ONLY

  • Approved for use in most cable systems & other providers including TiVO utilizing MoCA for whole house DVR apps.
  • Device's technology is recommend for DVR Whole House DVR applications.
  • IEEE 6KV B3 surge survivability is provide for additional network protection.
  • Bandstop provides a typical 35-45dB of rejection in the MoCA 1125-1525Mhz band.
  • Designed for use within the users premise, NOT INTENDED FOR OUTSIDE INSTALLATION

The BELDEN PPC MoCA "Point of Entry" filter Model SNLP-1GCW serves as an in-home networking services pass-through for the 5-1002MHz band while providing an excellent termination for the MoCA band from 860Mhz to 1525MHZ.

The device physically isolates the subscriber premise by providing a band stop at the networks Point of entry "POE". This avoids interference from other MoCA users. The device provides a perfect termination for the MoCA band and reduces micro reflections that would typically reduce the data throughput.