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FIS Firecat 1315 Mini-OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectomet

by FIS
  • Compact, portable OTDR for fiber optic cable testing
  • Tests short to medium distance fiber runs
  • User-friendly operation and included software
  • Modular design tests multiple wavelengths
  • Durable construction for field use
The Firecat Mini-OTDR is a low cost portable Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with the core functions required to measure optical fiber from one end during installation, repair and verification. The Firecat Mini-OTDR is equipped with a 4” QVGA graphics presentation of fiber loss vs distance, single to Quad Laser sources, and a quick reference instruction card in the ruggedized lid. The instrument is designed for stand-alone operation or connection to a PC through the USB Export feature. The Firecat Mini-OTDR may be purchased as a standard Hand-Held unit or as a ruggedized unit which is contained in a compact, rugged plastic housing, with watertight, extremely heavy-duty protection when sealed. All controls are accessible via a 9 key weatherproof membrane or conductive rubber keypad, of- fering simple, straightforward functionality. Measurement data and mode indication is supplied via the QVGA LCD display that offers expandable trace fiber data, mode and parameter enunciation, and soft key control for easy viewing and sunlight readability