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Holland Satellite Diplexer - US Satellite Providers Approved 2 AMP Version


Used to combine two signals into one wire: satellite and cable or off Air antenna (UHF/VHF). frequency: 5-2150 MHz brand: Holland model: DPD2 28 V DC pass In SAT port (2a max) 950-2150 MHz in/out port VHF/UHF/cable port 5-890 MHz indoor/outdoor a PL I Cat I on high isolation insertion loss: satellite out 2dB and TV out 1dB Return loss 12dB specifically designed for dish Pro and dish Pro plus system to pass 2 amp.

No need to run second wires, save time, use existing wires. It can be used to combine satellite signal and TV2 output into one wire, with dual tuner receiver using separator and diplexers: 222, 322, 522, 625, 942, 622, 722, receivers model. It does not work out with direct Ka/ku, Swm or Slimeline HD technology, only with legacy.