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Holland Electronics Isolator, Ground Loop W/Surge Protection 5-1000MHZ

  • Hipot test in accordance with en-60728-11-2005
  • Hipot test is a short name of high potential ie: high voltage test or dielectric withstanding test or good isolation.
  • Repeated close proximity lightening strike events do not degrade products performance or protection
  • Reduces the current spike magnitude of each overvoltage event or lightening strike
  • Operational frequency range: 5-1002mhz; insertion loss 1.0db; return loss 20 db typically

The CPI-WHP is an IEC Class Level 5 isolator offering the surge protection performance necessary to ensure the highest telecom equipment survivability. The device protects cable modems, STB's and other CPE and plant equipment from damage due to fast transients and spikes from electrical storms and power surges.

High winds, thunder, rain showers and flooding are commonplace in regions with high electrical storm activity. The CPI-WHP is rated to IP67 standards for protection against wind-blown objects and moisture - up to full submersion in a meter’s depth of water.