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Holland Electronics 16 DB Attenuator Pad FAM-16


Holland Electronics Attenuator series has been developed to meet the requirements and improve performance of CATV, Off-Air, SMATV, and other RF distribution systems. The FAM-16 in-line attenuator can be inserted in coaxial cable feeds to reduce signal levels. Combinations of attenuators may be used together to create the exact signal loss needed.

Frequency Range: 5MHz-3GHz
High Accuracy (5%)
Attenuator Value: 16dB
Flatness: .8
Return Loss (.5 GHz / 1 GHz / 2 GHz): 25 / 22 / 18 (dB)
Body Material: Brass - C3602
Plating: 4um Nickel
Center Pin: 8mm Steel