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Holland Electronics Inline 20 DB Attenuator Pad FAM-20

  • Knock down hot signals
  • Eliminated auto buzzing on some channels
  • Fixes the problem of having too much signal strength
  • Reduce UHF/VHF/FM and Digital signal sources such as TV Antennas, Cable TV, Broadband Internet, FM Antenna and Satellite TV (without DC Voltage being present).
  • Combinations of attenuators may be used in conjunction to add up to the exact signal loss needed.

Holland Electronics Attenuator series has been developed to meet the requirements and improve performance of CATV, Off-Air, SMATV, and other RF distribution systems. The FAM-20 in-line attenuator can be inserted in coaxial cable feeds to reduce signal levels. Combinations of attenuators may be used together to create the exact signal loss needed.

Frequency Range: 5MHz-3GHz
High Accuracy (5%)
Attenuator Value: 20dB
Flatness: .8
Return Loss (.5 GHz / 1 GHz / 2 GHz): 25 / 22 / 18 (dB)
Body Material: Brass - C3602
Plating: 4um Nickel
Center Pin: 8mm Steel