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Holland GHPNA-2 Splitter IPTV RF Broadband 2-Way HomePNA Tested

  • HomePNA networking technology compliant HPNA 3.1
  • Expanded bandwidth 4-1500Mhz to comply with HomePNA data throughputs
  • Low port to port isolation in HomePNA bandpass.
  • Product impedance allows chaining devices input to output with degrading data stream
  • Approved for use with AT&T office or home IPTV/data networks

The Holland GHPNA-* splitters have been specifically designed to work in HPNA environments. The low port to port isolation allows HPNA communication signals to pass through the splitters to set top boxes with as little signal loss as possible. At the same time, the GHPNA Series splitters provide good return loss and isolation for in band frequencies other than HPNA.

• HPNA Compatible
• Low Port to Port Isolation
(for HPNA communications)
• Meets SCTE Environmental and
Mechanical Requirements
• Expanded Pass Band
(for future communication channels)